Brexit D-Day Party! - Anyone In?

I am up for a private thread were we can discuss politics on a different level. Plus, I love both of your opinions - a lot to learn.

Since I have skimmed most of this thread I will :bowing_woman: out of the new thread about politics. I try to be like a :rabbit: and hide in my :hole: when politics are discussed. :wink:

Maybe a :older_woman: grandma should avoid this type of stuff!


A gruesome twosome warming up for Brexit MMMMCMXCIX: The Great Brexit. Either way, an impressive conservative power stance from Doris Karloff. Or perhaps they’re playing the floor is lava?

I didn’t read this story. To me it just looked like Ann Widdecombe realizing she just weed on the pavement, next to Farage bonking an invisible escort. - All the same Brexit nonsense, really.

But that’s what makes this so fun! Are you getting anywhere closer to fixing your legal stuff yet? I’ve been a bit lazy since it all calmed down (and it is Easter here now) so I’ll probably get back to chiselling away at the block next month.

Nope. It has got a bit worse actually. However, I have bigger things to deal with. A good friend has been diagnosed with lung cancer and I’m randomly putting up a homeless person who I don’t know from Adam who has no documentation to speak of, which kind of implicates me in another world of madness.

It’s helping me put things in perspective though. :slight_smile:

That’s a shame about your friend - lung cancer’s definitely up there in the worst cancers to get. The homeless person sounds a little more like opening yourself up to a world of problems unnecessarily…

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Yeah, the lung cancer is a pain. He’s having the lung with tumors removed in a few weeks. However, I can’t see it working out. He looks way older than usual and… Well, there are tells.

I’m certain that if he followed an alternative health route like Gerson thereapy (possibly coupled with a bit urine therapy, he would stand a good chance. However, he’s aggressively opposed to the idea. I don’t understand that but maybe I underestimate how strong most peoples programming is.

The homeless situation is a tricky one. We have arranged it where she is currently living in an abandoned house but using me as a base for washing, cooking, etc. I could be done without the disruption and expense, but its because people think like that that are homeless people in the first place.

Also, I have a cunning and ingenious money making plan which she can possibly help me with.

Of course, Chico is in a foul mood with me because of it all.

Ah yes, possessive dogs can be a menace to guests :slight_smile: The homeless thing is really either going to go one way or another. Does she need an address to get a job and all that jazz? That’s possibly the most useful thing one can give to a homeless person in the long run other than the more short-term needs.

Speaking of alternative therapies, I read this earlier. I can understand his aversion to urine therapy - I think most people are going to look at you like you’ve just shat on the rug when that’s put forward. Gerson therapy seems OK though based on a very limited Google, and comparative to the pee-drinking. But you never know, the idea is planted, he’s now battling with mortality, chemo sucks…

I liked the DM’s headline. I was thinking of coming here to post it - Brexit is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to weird headlines…

2019: politicians terrified of milkshakes

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Milkshakes are scary!

Well, to some people.

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It’s the little details, really:

Milkshakes are getting expensive! I wonder if there were milkshake forensics involved in the discovery of the milkshake flavor and pricing?

Normally, our politicans just get egged, like John Prescott (who was the 2nd-in-charge Deputy Prime Minster to Tony Blair). Prescott used to be a boxer - or claimed, I forget now - which made the egg punch-off that little bit better.

Still, at least Prescott had a get-up-and-go attitude to election campaign nuisances, rather than cower in a battle bus over some annoyed youth chucking a 'shake all over him. A true leader!

Worth noticing how mature British yoof are looking these days. It’s good to see the police are doing their job.

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To be fair, the UK is the acid attack capital of Europe. As a few have pointed out, Milkshake-gate likely wouldn’t be seen as so funny if it was a female standing for office having one hurtled at her:

It’s unlikely that someone is going to acid attack (or disguise as a drink an…) on a major politician with media around, and throwing things at politicians is a bit of an international sport.

Whether it’s OK(ish) or violent is another debate without the complications of gender politics (and you know, it could also be said to be sexist to think women are so fragile that they couldn’t withstand a vicious milkeshaking. Just throw a joke in about boobs and their magic milk-making abilities and you’re going to become an immediate social pariah!

I think This Morning is just jumping on the news with the talking heads for bored housewives here, personally. A more serious repercussion of this - as noted by the female presenter - was his restraint, which may further fuel the anti-gov Brexit Euro vote (and beyond). Besides, if we want to talk about election violence, there’s Jo Cox, who was shot dead… a different kettle of fish, to be sure, but I find the question of whether a milkshaking is violent a little ridiculous.

But let’s face it, we’re all about the milkshakes these days. It brings all the viewers to the yard!

Would we say the same about water bombs, for example? I walked past a school at closing today (it was humid) and there were water bombs flying everywhere. I had to flee for my dry integrity! So, my serious feelings about this really are just ‘so what’? If Farage had not shown restraint, Brexit Party support may well have (partially) collapsed, and I’m sure he’s well aware of that. Plus, it takes that awkward EU investigation out of the headlines, too.

Not something I’d do myself, mind.

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Thoughts on Terry’s leaving speech? So she’s off on June 7, said a lot of boring stuff about how much she has improved the country, then decided to finish off with being proud of being the second woman PM for the country that she loves, when her voice dangerously cracked along with a sudden gush of emotions, at which point she fled toward the door.

I liked the last bit. I wanted more crying, darnit! Now for the horrific spectacle of a gang of posh incompetents braying about why they should be an awesome PM next. Worth remembering Terry only “won” last time because of the backstabbing fiesta which led to her winning by default…

SIDE OBSERVATION: :clown_face: and :cup_with_straw: were the most common emojis in The Sun’s live feed, which is what the YT algorithm gave me. This was the second best bit of the video after the tears.

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You mean another unelected PM taking over from an unelected PM?

Britain is a constitutional monarchy with a _parliamentary democracy_not a democracy, so there’s that… basically, be quiet, plebs, the Rees Moggs of this world win.

I went looking for the perfect GIF. Couldn’t quite find what I wanted, so here is a selection of my favorites instead. I feel like there’s something for everyone here, so plz enjoy and hope they’re all under that MB max limit!

I imagine the DM will have scoured Twitter for the latest most HILARIOUS memes to share this evening, so I’ll wait for that story to break because I’m too lazy to do so myself.

EDIT: the DM does not consider these memes to be HILARIOUS, only “witty”:

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But it is only the EP elections, so it’s obviously not terribly important. Terry petted a dog and looked a lot more relaxed, Boris getting slammed for being Boris, and a bunch of evil skeletors are jimmying up to win a chance at being Terry 2.0.

Won’t lie, I love reading about all the backstabbing fun and games, but… how dismal. How bloody dismal.

Also this:

The pendulum of history isn’t skipping a beat.

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