Brexit D-Day Party! - Anyone In?

I think the media was always going to be our downfall. Have a nationalized media and you get propaganda. Have a free press and you have a corporatized media. Have an independent media, and without an official sticker, it’s either fake news or just a big rumor mill.

There was never really a balance to be had. At least, not after you got past a small village having an independent parish magazine. Everything after that just became a monopoly on information with the power to make or break any kind of political order.

Possibly, things would be better if a nationalized media and corporatized media were each only allowed to broadcast and syndicate news on a single channel for a set period every day. After that the masses would have time to decide what to believe, free of being bombarded 24/7 by information from all directions…

It’s what any democracy (or any society that depends on information to make a decision) fails on, really. As tedious and occasionally malicious as village gossip can be, it keeps this stuff very tightly contained and being social animals, we’re all likely to rein it in when we overstep our limits.

I agree with pretty much your entire assessment. I wonder if the rise of 24/7 news has helped lead us to this? As nice as it is to get blow-by-blow BS, I don’t think it would harm anybody if we had to wait until the next day (or whatever) to get a more considered story. Although, of course, that gives plenty of time to the spinners.

D-mn you, ungovernable humans!

They’re not ungovernable. They’re too governable!

I do think the 24/7 media deluge led us to this. If you want to go a bit further you can also delve into how www translates as 666 in old Hebrew. I, personally, don’t put that down to coincidence and neither do a few other people:

For the love of the wee man - hoe much longer can this go on?

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As I’ve said, I’m now lost with this whole process. I can’t even see the point of having this vote when 27 other countries have to agree to make an extension a possibility…

It’s almost like our MPs are clinging at a minute to midnight to participation in EU affairs which don’t concern them anymore, while looking ridiculous in the process.:frowning:

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Anybody in somewhere except Britain got space for a tent, a Scottish Terrier and a very noisy cat? TIA!

And wifi - mustn’t forget the wifi!


I have 2 spare rooms.

Wifi, no. I can stretch to ad hoc network creation, but otherwise I’m a wifi dead zone, sorry. :frowning:


I have a large field below me that is Terrier and human friendly, but likely without WiFi. Although you could probably find a corner of the field that has Wifi emanating from one of the nearby tourist hotspots…

Looks like we’re headed to Referendum 2 and possible riots. I can’t help but feel that this referendum will also say ‘just leave FFS’ because everyone is so exasperated with the government that the ref - much like the first one - becomes a protest vote.

…but the peasants are revolting!

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This is probably why they just dragged Farage out of the airing cupboard. From what I gather, the average pie eater knows less about Brexit now and has even fewer options.

Corbyn isn’t changing May’s deal in any way. Her deal kept us in the common market in all but name. Environmental protection and workers rights were already set in stone in 2017, when Terry made all existing EU laws bonafied British laws to make transitioning easier.

All Corbyn is being used as, is a new vehicle to help May’s deal pass. I mean the EU has already stated they are not negotiating anymore. All he can conceivably get in return for supporting May now is a confirmatory vote that makes him look like he’s had some meaningful input.

As for how a confirmatory vote goes, the average pie eater has just had 6-weeks of being told that the only half decent MPs in the UK are Spartans, traitors, and remoaners trying to derail British democracy. People will, therefore, vote for any leave choice, just to feel they are doing something patriotic.

And when it’s all over and people realize what has happened, Labor will never be trusted again, because of Corbyn’s sell out.


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Meet the leave voters rallying to take the UK into a glorious EU-free future…

AKA it’s grim oop north

I liked this one!


I’m guessing they voted leave so that they could finally start charging for their precious horse poo. No more being undercut by cheap EU fertilizer manufacturers…

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Should have drowned the lot of them!

Confirmatory referendum - so that’s different from a second one, going back on the first etc.?

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A very convenient water leak. I suppose the fireworks has been tried and done so it was a bit of a non-starter.

You might get this guy soon enough.

Uri Geller’s spoon-bending magic bent the pipes that flooded the HoC!

The psychic, famous for bending spoons, said a pipe burst in his coffee shop in Tel Aviv yesterday and that gave him the idea to do the same in Parliament.

He reckons he won’t be a fine because then people will have to accept his psychic powers are real. True story, or Uri trying to get in the papers again? Also: a clear example of Israeli interference in British politics! Darn them and their spoon bending magick!

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Not quite Brexit - but a terrifyingly bad photoshop with the atrocious name “Bamber” instead. Note the party at the back, business in front mullet!

JRM’s home targeted by sex-crazed fringe of anarchists armed with condoms, dildos, and spraypaint.


Brexit-lovers who also love the Queen are having their minds melted by Gawd Bless You Ma’am’s Royal Assent thing that she signed. Me? I am temporarily a flag-waving royalist who thinks the monarchy is a Good Thing.

I’ve not really kept up with the latest developments since the last vote, but this is good, right? Apart from the bad bits…

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Well, I’m about to stock up on wine for what will hopefully be the final night of our Brexit WTF is going on party.

Of course, this is because I am assuming that either tonight we will know whether the UK will be in the EU for another year, or out on Friday.

Anyone else in?


Je t’aime, moi non plus

Fingers crossed for another year.

She looks like she’s enjoying the moment a little too much…

Yes, I’m hoping for this outcome too. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: