Book Recommendations: 📚 What book are you currently reading? 🍎

This thread is dedicated to books recommendations.

My head is always buried in books. :sweat_smile: No matter if it’s college books and of course reading books (a variety of genre) in my leisure time. Many of you know I enjoy reading erotica books :sweat_smile:. Some of my other favorite genres are Sci-Fi, mystery, motivational, history, fantasy, self-help, romance, and interracial titles.

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch & sippin’ on a yummy latte. Reading an intriguing book. :coffee:

Anyway, I’m currently reading this one by Sir Richard Branson.

Next up on the list is…


A thriller for me!


Ooh, I read a synopsis and it piqued my interest. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh cool. Do you like it so far?

I was gifted that book in my teens. I ended up getting to the part where he talks a lot about the song Tubular Bells. Unfortunately, I stopped reading after that – not for any particular reason, though.

Who knows where I could have ended up if I’d finished! :slight_smile:


So far so good, just started reading it. :slightly_smiling_face: Interestingly enough, this book was gifted to me as well. Mr. Branson is one cool cat. I really wanted to learn more about him and his life. This guy created a mega huge empire, which blows my mind. Now the Virgin cruise ships are setting sail soon or already is on the water sailing to a beautiful place. :smiley: I watched a video of the inside of the ship and oh my word, luxurious.


I am currently reading a couple of books. Mostly I read parts that just interest me.

“The Capital” by Marx
“Mein Kampf” by well you know who.
“The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith.

Oh, and I am listening “The Dictator’s Handbook” on Audible during commutes.


He’s an impressive guy! Plus, he owns Necker Island, so you know he’s down with dem Carribean vibes! :desert_island:

Wow, that’s a very interesting reading list.


Whoa, Freaky! :scream_cat:

I wonder where you’re going with this one. :thinking: World domination or just fascination?

I’m interested in reading the bio about Machiavelli.

Yup, yup! I watched a few shows also a couple weddings on Necker Island. Oh my gosh that place is amazing. Love his chill attitude, he never come across as being a rich stiff prick. :joy:


Since I am descended from Viking blood I am currently listening to this book.

However, my favorite genre is fantasy. I like to read books by Brandon Sanderson, Robin Hobb, Brent Weeks, Robert Jordan, George RR Martin, Diana Gabaldon, JRR Tolkien, and Garth Nix to name a few.