Blogging is Really Blooming Hard! - But Beneficial

I like it but I hate it. - Blooming blogging.

I had such grand designs. I would blog at least twice a day. In doing so, I’d start slowly creating a super duper personal marketing machine. - But it’s so hard! At least, when trying to blog while freelancing. - And possibly in the niche that I’m in.

However, in just one month of blogging, I have learned a few valuable lessons.

First, my writing is rubbish. - Kind of. Up until recently, I was using way too much ‘passive voice.’ I was also hitting a Flesch–Kincaid reading ease score of just 40-50 with most of my articles.

Now, I’m not a big fan of Flesch–Kincaid readability. In effect, high scores are only possible when you dumb down text and aim to make what you write easy to read for someone with the reading age of a 13 to 15-year-old. To me, that is a way of dumbing down speech. However, that is the standard for modern SEO. In this case, it’s kind of Catch 22.

Aside from that, I’ve also brushed up my basic search engine optimization skills. Conscious, daily practice, means that I am starting to be able to curate content which is fully optimized for SEO and readability after a first draft.

After running blog posts from some top writers in my niche through Yoast and Grammarly, it seems they don’t pay as much attention to SEO or readability. As I see it, this gives me a new skill I can market.

Of course, so far, ROI for all my efforts is zero. However, this is due to me not marketing my blog yet. Moreover, I haven’t marketed my blog on purpose yet for a few reasons.

First and foremost, the way I intend to market my blog involves potentially sharing content with (and potentially getting hired by) bigger blogs. I’ve selected the blogs I ideally want to work with, but they are not going to take me seriously without a catalog of existing content.

As well as that, I haven’t had the time. I have a pretty epic marketing move in the works. However, it is not one I can make when staying up until 4 am every night writing crappy Fiverr articles about the many benefits of electrolysis…

All in all. I’m happy with what blogging has given me so far. However, it is hard work. - Blooming hard to be honest.

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I have often wondered if many of the recommendations made by Yoast or Grammarly are strictly useful though. I use the pro version of both (and from tests, I can tell you that the ‘critical errors’ in blue on Grammarly are made up nonsense - usually that covers a few ellipses here and there and not much else, and certainly not “77 of them”, but I digress) and while I find some of the features useful - spotting lots of typos my eyes can’t so soon after writing, as well as making sure keywords etc. are relatively consistent - stuff like readability I had to turn off because FU computer, your suggestions suck.

So I use what’s useful and ignore the rest. But it’s probably quite a marketable skill or Gig - I will go and make all your blog posts green on Yoast would be tedious job, but could be fairly profitable if you could figure out a quick way to do it (I haven’t yet - I have abandoned the blog for now because of various problems as mentioned in the OP. Also, boring to write.)

Also, who cares about the passive/active voice? It only really matters if you’re trying to sell. If you’re just trying to write interesting and thoughtful content, it shouldn’t be constrained by tools telling you that oh no, your keywords are only at 0.2% and you’ve written a paper that only Professor Brainbox can read. I mean sure, you would want to alter that so the keywords were there a bit more and the reading age was snipped down to say, grade 8 or 9, but otherwise? Nah.

But yes, it is hard work. Frankly, I can’t be bothered, but I do need to pull my thumb out sometime soon and bulk out the services pages and stuff. So tedious :frowning:

Yeah, but the problem is, you have to write more for search engines than people these days. Bots read text, before humans and AI is infallible. Of course, that is not the way things should be. However, when it comes down to it, if an AI is going to use reduced passive voice as an SEO ranking factor. someone hiring you to write content they want to monetize will want you to adhere to our Google robot overlords.

As for Grammarly, I paid for Premium last year. I’m not paying again though. Most warnings I ignore. The main benefit from Grammarly really rests with the fact that it makes in easier to see errors you wouldn’t otherwise. I can stare at a Word document for hours and not see glaring errors. Copy and paste it to Grammarly and even without warnings, I can see dropped words and spelling errors straight away. It’s a psychological thing I don’t fully understand, but that’s how it works for me.

Regarding SEO in general, things might be about to get very tricky in the coming years. Google censorship (under the guise of tackling fake news) is already seeing Google apply different ranking rules to different websites. i.e. The alternative health website Mercola, can no longer rank for health specific key phrases. However, your friendly Big-Pharma websites can.

More on that in this gratuitous self-promotion:

I actually prefer PerfectIt! for my spelling and typo spotting as well as general cleanup, but they’ve moved onto a cloud-based subscription model (I have their old, unsexy, download it v3.0). Very good though much better than Grammarly and lets me switch between all kinds of things, not just UK Eng and US Eng.

It’s not so much psychological (at least, I find), it’s simply that it’s very hard to spot fiddly errors in your text just after you’ve written it. If it’s a small post it’s not too much, but when you’re deep into a 1,000 word masterpiece, well, it’s a PITA and tools like this speed it all up (although you still need to check for homonyms, but PerfectIt has a v. basic spotter for that). I find after 48 hours my brain has forgotten what I wrote and can clean it all up without these tools though. But deadlines…

Google’s constant pissing around with its algorithms for reasons not helping people to search for content they want and instead censoring/redirecting attention to approved sites also makes me less inclined to spend too much time on the blog.

I’d also rather write how I think my thing should be written, rather than kowtow to a stupid robot’s schizophrenic decisions. So, if I use the passive tense, so be it. The people who hire me don’t seem overly concerned about SEO in general - most of it’s more direct than organic. I dislike SEO people - so many restrictions and ludicrous (especially long-tails, which make no grammatical sense but must be adhered to while awkwardly inventing ways to make them fit) keywords just give me a headache.

[this was not a promotional post for PerfectIt, I just like it more than Grammarly for my uses!]. It’s probably all just a conspiracy to buy their ads, anyway. I saw a nice theory on how the Google logo was actually 666 done artistically a few days ago. I have adopted it, because why not? That’s before getting into YouTube’s BS, which I know you and another poster on here are more than familiar with…

The world’s going to be absolutely smashing in a few years, isn’t it?

Six six sixes are everywhere. It’s even Google’s official PO Box address in Bermuda. I went pretty deep into Google once. They are evil. The banned Project Veritas Google expose is also quite an interesting watch. You can find it here:!/v/oels/QmcnHcQzWzYWeXicfF5vYW3Ym7B8KfSLa8LpJCwbwk454b

Then you have the whole 666 translating literally as www which is kind of interesting.

Keywords are pretty easy when you can take a client and slap them around the face with a bit logic. My top Fiverr client at the mo was trying to get me to curate content targeting a bunch of grammatical nightmare keywords. I convinced him to do things my way. Now he showers me with love after every order, praising the fact that his website is finally ranking.

I made him pay me $35 just to explain how he should be using keywords. I might turn that into a gig one day. However, it did initially result in a bit of a handbag fight, caused by him not liking the strategy I outlined. I even considered blocking him at one point. That kind of puts a dampener on the idea.

My ‘your website sucks’ Gig is basically built around telling people in long form that their everything sucks. it’s not very popular now that it is 200 (it used to be 50 lol) or whatever I jacked it up to due to a string of irritating people, but it was at more reasonable price points. So long as the ‘OMG this is absolutely crap’ comes with something constructive, most people will be pleased; it also helps that the Gig description makes it pretty clear if you’re going to be a complete cow when it comes to everything.

I am having a bit of a Fiverr Rambo day though. I’m hoping Fiverr will cancel 4 incredibly douchebaggy peoples’ orders and not screw up my stats too bad.

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Just thought you should know this:

  1. Your gig’s images are broken.


  1. You still state “For $50, I’ll tell you how bad your website is” even though it’s $200 now :smiley:

  2. The British swearing extra has gone, even though you still mention it: “Check out my gig extras for other options, such as “British swearing” and more!”

Wait, is all the above on purpose to prove something? :thinking: :smiley:

Cloudfare outage that’s ongoing for too long - if you go to insta/fb/whatsapp - or just, you know, fb corp - you can see their AI photo ID in action sometimes.

I hate the British swearing extra. I sounded like a try-hard cockney saying sockmuppets and making up random words with inpolite words in the middle of them with… anyway, I think 2 people ordered it, and it’s not professional.

I also should change that. not while Fiverr’s primary CDN is literally the :poop: hitting the fan. But honestly, I just don’t want anyone to order that gig, so. I MADE IT AS A MEME.

PS everyone with orders, double check your deliveries and ideally just give a link from GDrive, and if clients start using the outage to claim that they… that’s a story I may tell later, but cancel those darn orders.

NB: some fun conspiracy posts online about why this is happening in conjunction with the tragic submarine, Pence’s callback on AF2, and sun mayhem. Not my Gig - nobody cares about that - but the Cloudfare thing.

EDIT: please ignore my last review.

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One of my worst buyers was from Spain, not to mention that this buyer’s review doesn’t make any sense.

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