Best time to go to the gym

  • Morning 5:30 am / 6am
  • Evening 7 pm / 8 pm

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I prefer morning, but I am at my sharpest in the morning and do my best writing then. Evenings are fine, gym is crowded, at least a couple of very cute girls, but too much competition. Morning I can focus on the workout rather than trying to impress the girls.


Having said that, it’s almost 8 pm and I’m off to the gym.


I marked morning, but Rob and I go 3 days a week at 9. I like sleeping in and relaxing before I head to the gym. :weight_lifting_woman:

I also love it to be light outside. :sunny: In my part of the world, it does not get light until after 8 am! However, with the winter solstice behind us, the days will start getting longer. I would like it better if the length of the days would just average out. In the summer here it is getting light at 4:30 am and does not get totally dark until after 10 pm. In winter as I said it gets light about 8 am and is dark by 5pm. :crescent_moon: