📌 Best of Fiverr Artist, Illustrators & Designers (Recommendation for Buyers)

Okay, you lurking :eyes: buyers - I know the frustration when it comes to hiring the right sellers on Fiverr! If you are a veteran buyer, you are way more skeptical than the newbie buyer!

The newbie is just confused on how to hire, who to hire or what the process is to get started, there are so many sellers in each category! The veteran buyers are just cautious and skeptical about every seller we haven’t worked with or interacted with in some capacity.

If you’ve spent weeks combing through each gig and then months reading the same advice given over and over again on the Fiverr Forum, it’s even more complicated - simply because of the number of buyer complaints about how they just got scammed from well:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Stolen materials
  • Just plain awful work

Well, if you paid $5 for work you very well know is complex then, frankly, I have no sympathy for you. I mean did you really expect a reputable seller to really spend an hour or more for that measly price, regardless of the cost of living in their country?

Don’t worry, there plenty of highly qualified artists, illustrators and designers - original artist from all around the world. I have worked with these sellers multiple times and they have produced some exceptional work of art. I am even going to post samples of what they produced for me so you can judge for yourself.

In no particular order, these are some of my favorites:

  1. Fiverr Username: Zeus777
    She is an illustrator that specializes in chibi. I have looked and looked and yet to find anyone as talented that delivers exactly what I want. Her work is original and she has one heck of an imagination. It’s your job to convey exactly what you want and provide any photos or ideas. You must be pretty fluent in either English or Japanese as those are the two languages she is the most familiar. Here examples of her work.

  1. Fiverr Username: Asputin
    He is a highly qualified artist who produces high-quality work of art - literally. He can digitally paint anything, to include objects, animals, people - the details of his work is truly amazing! He captures their “emotions” and each time he stuns me with the details of each background, color, feelings! You must supply a good color photo or at least an example/link to what you desire (such as a link to a picture of a lion). His work is original. Well, since picture is worth a thousand words, here a few of his work:

  1. Fiverr Username: myavatart
    He is a cartoonist who designs “Yellow” (or Simpson style) and “Fantasy” (or Disney style) and “Vintage” (or newspaper/cartoon theme). His primary language is Spanish/Portuguese, so if you know these languages, communicate to him in it. If you only speak English, that’s okay because he does understand it quite well. You need to give him explicit instructions and at least two color photos. You will get back really cute artwork good for friends and family presents.

There are a few others, which I will have to create another topic. All of these sellers produce original work. They are trustworthy. They will * NOT * copy, download, plaigerize or steal other people’s work and pass it off as their own. They design and deliver their own work.

Do you know of or have hired artists/illustrators/designers who produced original, great qualify work? If so, post a sample of their work here and a link.


Bravo! :clap:

I need him for Rocco’s tiny feet. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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