Banner for MyBuzz

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Good…clean and nice.


I like it!

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I can’t figure out how to make this banner expand to the end of the screen! Still learning discourse, as you can see!

I was thinking about adding a gal on the right and a guy on the left, leaning against the “M” & “z” - looking frazzled!

BTW, @TheFreaky , love the quote you came up with!! I was going to pay someone to come up with one for me - but you saved me some $$


And Zeus could draw them for you.


Zeus is an awesome seller, ■■■■, I have tried a couple of different illustrators and she is the only one that delivered what I liked the most.

She was supposed to draw a friendly monster, but I never gave her the sketches. I would like to get my LinkedIn and FB Profile photo made in her style. But I don’t like to change my existing avatar as many people known it. :blush:

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Oh, freak a frack - !!!

I can’t figure out how to expand my banner! It just cuts off 2/3 of the screen at least on my computer! It’s frustrating as watching the nail rust on a rainy cold day!

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Perhaps, the size which I have used is wrong. :thinking:

Nope. I tried expanding the size already, didn’t work.

I tried uploading as a component and then adding it as a theme, wouldn’t work at all! I need to :paintbrush: up on my programming skills!

BTW, Miss Lily - I like the latte theme too. I think I may change my settings to it as well. I’ll keep the main theme black for obvious reasons!


Can you at least center it?

Nope! :laughing:

Is it bothering you?

< giggle, giggle, giggle >


Nope, I usually do not see it.

Lovin’ dat banner! Great job guys and gals :grin:


There are people who have slightly OCD problems. :fearful:

Gosh its its its… :sneezing_face: