Are Return Policies Abused?

People my age, including me, like to buy things that they might not need them. Interestingly, in the United States, you can easily return that product without a hustle. Heck, I have heard people returning in-ear headphones and torn jeans.

In my country, all stores are legally obliged to accept returns up to 14-days after purchase if the product doesn’t have any cosmetic damage or signs of wear. However, the catch is our retailers are shady, so once you return a product they just resell it at a full-price. Sometimes they even repack demo products and resell them at a retail price.

When I was in the market for my second monitor. I went to one of the largest stores and they had only one piece in stock of the monitor that I liked, it was a demo unit working 24/7. I was interested to purchase that monitor if they offered a discount. However, they said it was a brand new product, not used by anyone. The same thing can happen with a product that someone returns. This is the reason why I don’t like to return stuff.

Personally, I return only if there are some defects and RMA or sending it for a repair are the only solutions.

I have heard some stories of people buying Bluetooth speakers and headphones, they return it to the stores if they don’t like it. Personally, I find this a bit unethical, because before buying those products, you do have demo units available - and you can see if the products are of your liking.

I know that when I used to live in the US, people used to return all kinds of things even after years of use.

How are the return policies in your country and do you have a habit of returning products?


If they’ve got a warranty and they stop working within the length of that warranty, then not a problem.

If they’re not as advertised, don’t work, stop working, don’t fit etc. then yes. I wouldn’t return anything because of buyer remorse, just if there were something functionally wrong with it.

My car battery packed up so I took it back to the place I got if from to dispose of it and buy another one. I’m a regular customer and they were horrified that I was taking it back as they said it should have lasted at least 6 years. It was just out of its 3 year warranty, so I was happy to buy another one. Nope, they gave me a new one for nothing as they know I’ll be back when I need my car serviced. Saved me nearly £100 and kept a customer loyal, even though I hadn’t asked for, or expected it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have returned things like @weeyin when they stopped working within the warranty period or if they were not as advertised. In the case of buyer’s remorse, I have returned clothing that, when I got it home, did not impress me as much as in the store and only if I had not worn it other than to try it on.

Returning merchandise really depends on the store here. The chain stores like Walmart, Target, and Costco will take things back even without a receipt. However, the refund without a receipt is always at the lowest price they have ever sold the item for.

Other stores insist on a receipt or require returns to be made within a specific period.


That’s just gross! :confounded: I know many stores like Best Buy will give the customer a restocking fee. If it’s been opened, I can’t imagine reselling it. I mean I wouldn’t buy it.

Well, nowadays most stores have electronic scanners so, if you don’t have a receipt they can use the credit card you used to find it and refund.

I found out that Amazon do not resale returned products, like ever. Thae put it in the return warehouse and sell it as a used item. Apparently, they have an auction, large box - which may or may not be inventoried. Many 2nd hand business owners bid.

Some items are really nice and unopened. I was thinking about bidding on one once. :grinning:


I’m sure all of us have experienced “buyer’s remorse” at some point in our lives. When I buy expensive electronics such as iPads, computers, kitchen appliances and so forth. I buy the extended warranty as well for a few extra dollars. I do this to have a peace of mind, because I’m a very clumsy girl. :crazy_face:

With the extended warranty… Big box stores like Walmart and Target will fix the issue or replace the item. I never buy electronics from Best Buy their policy sucks bacon :bacon: balls.

If I bought something from a store, got home. Then I noticed it’s not working, scratched or something. Yup! I’ll take a trip back to the store to exchange it. Sometimes, Sellers on Ebay and similar websites FAIL to describe the item accurately. This is a big NO-NO for me. So, I return the item due to the fact that they lied, false advertisement is a deal-breaker on all accounts.

Are some people full of :poop: and return merch just because? Yup, absolutely! Who knows why, maybe they got into a pickle where they need the money to pay a bill or something.


Exactly, that’s what I say. I have read many stories on r/headphones on Reddit, that people “buy” 3-4 pairs of high-end headphones, test them out and keep the one that they like the most and just return the other 3.

Also, people buying large TVs to watch the Super Bowl or other major sport events and they return the TV afterward.

I have heard people buying a refurbished product on Amazon/Thomann, and buy a brand new one from Best Buy. After a week, they return the refurbished one packed in the original box from Best Buy and ask for a refund.

Don’t stores check the serial number?

Same here. However, every store has a policy based on the country’s legislation. I think it is fair. Of course, if we had such return policies the people would definitely abuse them here.

Yep, they either sell them as “Amazon Warehouse Product” or they do auctions. They have a huge warehouse somewhere in Texas that does that. There was even a short documentary about that.

I agree. But I won’t return a product just of remorse.

I mean, I have refused to purchase a product at the POS, because I have noticed that the package was very damaged, that the safety stickers were missing and similar. Or if the product didn’t work as advertised.

The screen on my phone died, I contacted Samsung and they fixed it. That’s not abusing the warranty. After a couple of months, the battery started having issues, they replaced it too. :slight_smile:


I remember when I ordered a charger for my phone, it wasn’t working. The tip was crooked and that prevented from charging. I called A-zon for a replacement and they told me to just keep it.

I got another one few days later. I now know why, they can’t auction it off. Makes sense. :woman_shrugging:


This is true, back in the day… My business partner and invested in returned Amazon merch from 3rd party companies that AZ sold to. We bought items in bulk, and resale. Many of the items were in tip-top shape. So flipping the goods, we made good money. Of course, some were defected and were tossed… However, most of the items were perfect & sellable. We mainly sold brand name clothes,shoes, makeup, handbags and accessories, etc.

Amazon return process is pretty seamless… Many times, when I initiated a return, they wrote and said to keep, gift or toss the item and then sent a new one out the next day.

Agreed. I remember a year ago… I sold a high-end designer bag (Louis Vuitton). The lady I sold it too got a good deal. But a few days later she wrote asking to return. She even said, the handbag was perfect and was like BRAND NEW. Of course, I SMH and was furious, :woozy_face: I was firm and told her Buyer’s remorse is not an excuse for a return. I told her she could easily resale the item. Anyway, we went back and forth. She decided on keeping the bag… This is why I like communicating with clients via email. The written exchange leaves a paper trail. Buyers’ remorse is a business owner worst nightmare.