Anyone else Feel like a Good Woof?


It is strange to think that I only found this forum like… Well, less than a month ago. However, when I did find it, I only posted my first post because I realized that I had accidentally stumbled upon a place where two quite remarkable people were to be found. One was the ever lovely madam of this virtual brothel of ideas. AKA @RegiAdd. The other was a quietly righteous and sincere light of sobriety in the sea of mek-sell confusion of the other forum. AKA @razvan.

With regard to the latter, where are you @razvan?

Did you get your French Bulldog? Are you too wrapped up in miniature fur cuddles of delight to post here anymore? Come back. We need you!


Awww! :heart_eyes:

I was having a spear fight with Time itself, took a few days to win some free time :smiley:

No, my old Cookie is still doing great, far too great for her 10 years age :smiley: At this rate, she’ll live another 5, at least! And she doesn’t accept other dogs, she’ll eat them :no_mouth:

[edit: darn, when I thought I had won some time, I just get another order from someone who uses “menace” in their username :roll_eyes: Poof, just like that I’m vanishing again]

P.S. was the title of this thread clickbait to bring me, specifically, here? :eyes: It not, it would’ve worked :wink:




Well, come back and see us when you are done! Darn those customers! You can’t live without them and you just can’t kick them in the shin and run away! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I remember a time (on the other F) when I used to postpone orders in favor of spending some quality time on the forum, and I wasn’t the only one guilty of this :eyes:


Make that three. And I was happy to find you, Freaky, my nephew, Investor, and the mysterious Locusta who was only whispered about in the other place.