Any recommendations for a good classic novel?

So apparently, i want to start getting into the habit of reading. i used to read books back in the days but they were mostly entrepreneurship books or life inspiration. For some reasons, i’m really craving for a classic novel at the moment and i’m not even sure why, lol.

By classic novels i mean the ones which set back in the early 18s or 19s. Through highschool, i had to read Wuthering Heights in my Junior year, which was pretty fascinating but i didn’t really pay attention to English this year because me and the English teacher weren’t really chill so yeah, i skipped most of her classes & probably missed some of the novel scenes too.

In my freshmen year however, we had to read a tail of two cities which was a one of a kind & i also remember we did read Jane Eyre in middle school. So if you did read one of those British classic novels, you know the type I’m looking for. I was wondering if any of you guys have a recommendation for a good novel that you enjoyed reading, would truly appreciate it.


If you’ve enjoyed The Tale of Two Cities, you might want to read some of his (Charles D_ickens) other books, too (apparently, because of his last name, I’m not allowed to write it properly). Great Expectations, perhaps? Of course, there are also the usual classics like Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, The Pickwick Papers…


Second that.

And you can also try Jack London (he has short stories to start with and Martin Eden novel which you might like)
I recommended it to my brother who is more or less your age and he liked it

For an old Parisian feel you can read Emile Zola “belly of Paris”

For a historical murder mystery set in an Italian monastery in the year 1327 - Umberto Eco “name of The Rose” which is Not classics but more modern.

If you are up for a deep thought then Dostoyevsky “crime and punishment”


And don’t forget White Fang, Call of the Wild, Jerry of the Islands, and Michael, Brother of Jerry. They’re all nice reads if you love dogs (and if you don’t mind London’s obvious racism and the fact that he was a passionate advocate of eugenics).


Yep, i remember these two as well from middle school.

That’s a good list to start off with. I unfortunately have a limited time only for a novel at the moment so i’ll go do some digging :eyes: around the names you mentioned and perhaps settle on one. Thanks @MariaS & @PsychoKitty!


JoeK, if you did read A Tale of Two Cities, I hope you read the version written by Dic.kens, and not a thousand monkeys! :slight_smile:


Just in case you didn’t know about it: Project Gutenberg is a great place if you want to get classics for free (and it’s completely legal).


Hahaha, i did read the version written by Dic.kens. I remember tho that the teacher once said that it is a modified version and not the actual one, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to understand most of the words. :smile:


I also liked Island of the Blue Dolphins, Hatchet, Where the Red Fern Grows, and The Old Man and the Sea.

In high schools here in the US they read The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Hey Vickie! :heart:

It seems like you only read American novels. We mostly read British ones at school. Despite my school teaches both the American & British English, but for some reasons we only read British novels.

I was once told that the American novels are not as great as the British ones. Is that true? :thinking:.
The Great Gatsby sounds interesting, i might try reading my first American novel. Not sure tho, the recommendations are mostly good and i didn’t yet decided on one to buy. :rofl:

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Well, Joe, mostly I like to read fantasy novels. Like the Game of Thrones series, The Wheel of Time series, Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice series and the Mistborn books among others.

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