Another "Odd" Idea of Mine


I just saw an ad that Qatar Airways is hiring cabin crew in my city. Honestly, this is not the best job, but it’s paid well, and you have some cool benefits. What makes me consider this at all is the great salary - which in my mind would allow me to save some money on the side. If I work for two years, by doing my calculations I would be able to save money to buy a flat in my town or either finance master studies at an ivy league university here in Europe.

It is super-crazy if I do this, as I know this job isn’t as many people think it is. It’s actually, a demanding job. If I look on the bright side, I would have 3-4 free days a week which would allow me to freelance as well.

So here I am sharing this idea with you! Of course, there is a 99.99% chance that I wouldn’t even apply for this - just I can’t get this idea out of my mind.


Give it a try. You never know what is or isn’t until you at least go in for an interview, converse with people doing that type of work and get the feel for it. I’m not certain what you mean by demanding - I presume, physically?

In my younger years, I used to hold 3 part-time jobs - required me to be on my feet quite a bit. All three jobs combined didn’t make enough to own an apartment of my own. It was tough time for me back then.

Only thing that I would advise you, from experience, is not to stop going to school. Once you do, it’s next to impossible to start again. I say just take one class, if you want to work full time - that way you won’t get out of the habit.


Definitely, I can go for an interview but the next year, once that I am done with the studies.

It’s both physically and psychologically - I mean you all of the jet lag that you are going to get, plus if you get assigned on an intercontinental flight. it is a great job with a lot of perks, but this is the trade-off.

You can get more than a decent apartment here for like $45000, and for $70000 you can get a great one. In the provincial towns you can get an awesome apartment for $20000 - but outside of the capital city, it’s underdeveloped.

The starting salary at Qatar Airways for cabin crew is around $20000 per year. Plus you get overtime extras, free housing, and transportation. Basically, you can save a lot of money if you play it carefully, and plan the salary each month. Ironically, before Fiverr implemented St. Levels Day, I was making close to that. However, I become greedy, started working like crazy till early hours - and I got overworking stress - and I started from the beginning.

Yep, most definitely, I would first graduate - and then try something crazy as this.


I think you should go for it while you are young and have the energy to deal with the demands of the job. Your freelancing has been excellent training for dealing with the people (passengers) You will encounter. :wink:


You can put it that way! I would keep my options open to be honest.


IDK… I had a friend once who worked as a stewardess for British Airways. She loved the job but fell ill with an ear infection. She went to a doctor in Washington DC and was diagnosed with an ear infection and perforated ear drum. This meant that she would not be allowed to fly for at least a few weeks.

After a few days, BA terminated her contract and left her in Washington DC to fend for herself. That eventually meant her parents lending her money to survive until she was allowed to fly home. (At her own expense and jobless.)

Everything was apparently above board, as how they treated her was outlined in her employment contract. In this case, go for it, but always read the small print!

Also, how stressful the job is can depend on the route you fly.

Another thing you could consider is working temporarily in hotels over the summer which offer FOC accommodation. You can earn £1,000+ a month in the UK with free bed and board if you are willing to work for 6-9 months in some far flung luxury hotel. A good website to find jobs like that is

All you need to do is make sure that your wage is made clear before you fly over. Some hotels are awesome. Others are run by rich scoundrels who offer amazing wages but when you get in the door, read a list of new accommodation and other charges which eat into your wage like nobodies business.

Providing you can takeaway £900 a month after any expenses (and you get paid your tips) you can earn a small fortune doing the hotel circuit. That said, you will leave loathing the human race. :frowning:

Yes, Fiverr is a fickle mistress. At present, I’m sick of them killing my gigs. My copywriting gig was my highest earner until I received a message saying it wasn’t suitable for the business copywriting category and so they had moved it. They’ve since done the same with all my video gigs. As soon as they do, sales plummet and orders I do get become super hard work.

If I was a wee whippersnapper, I’d definitely do some working and traveling. On that note, don’t forget that at your age, you can qualify for all kinds of cool working holiday visas in places like Australia and New Zealand! There hospitality and even fruit picking can pay a bomb if you are clever and pick te right location!


It’s super-tough to get a working visa for the UK, especially for people from the Balkans. The British government is scared, they have a huge refusal rate even for tourist visas. I’ve heard stories of people getting a visa, but passport security holding them and questioning them at Heathrow Airport for a couple of hours for non-sense stuff.

It’s crazy to play catch up with Fiverr. It’s the toughest freelancing platform to be successful for a longer time. They give more benefits to new mksels, and they don’t care much about the sellers like me, you… and etc which built their platform, and have a lot of repeat clients, great customer support, and similar. They don’t take any of those things into account.

Work and travel in the US programmes are great. Especially, if you go to work in Alaska. A couple of friends that I know had worked in Alaska and they managed to cash-in around $10000-$12000 working in hotels, and restaurants. I mean I love freelancing, and I love to step up my game again, but I do want to have my own flat first. The main idea is to be able to travel every couple of months, and focus on photography while traveling, plus doing some design projects more casually.

It is possible, but I need to start somewhere.


Don’t be silly. Just get a dingy and say your from somewhere war torn. :slight_smile: - Bad joke but sadly, true.

Yeah, I’m just waiting for them to announce a new feature called What I hate the most is how (for me at least) buyer quality keeps going down the pan. Imagine getting orders from people who say “I need an about page, we do web design.” Then getting called out as “could have been more professional” after hours spent trying to squeeze even minimal information out of people. It just boggles my mind.

My idea at the moment is that poor quality buyers lurk on every page but page one of the search. As soon as you are thrown back a few pages, you are cast into a lion’s den of mek-buyers.

Yeah, I got offered a job in Alaska once. I kind of regret not taking it but now the idea of running around in a hotel ressonates ike an episode of Black Mirror.

IDK. I’d love to be rent-free. However, everyone I know who bought a house early kind of never left it. I also don’t like the idea of being trapped / tied to one location. It’s a bit odd actually. When you do travel long-term, you end up surrounded by people on a shoestring and others who bought a house but then got dissatisfied, sold it, and used the $$$'s to go on some crazy adventure.

You also have to be careful where you buy. Maybe if I was in a place where I could pick up an apartment for $20K, I would buy as way of having a base. Really, though, I need either a TARDIS or a pirate ship. :slight_smile:

As it is, I’d never buy a place in the UK, US, or Western Europe. Prices are astronomical and I simply can’t see them doing anything other than correcting in the near future. Then you have repair costs, maintenance, insurance, the possibility of evil neighbors… It’s a big scary decision. :scream:


Be careful with Qatar Airways, they don’t seem to treat their employees well, and are very strict about many things.

I’m not so sure about the first link, but the second one is from a Serbian forum, and none of those posters had a reason to make stuff up.


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