Another Day, Another Fiverr Acquisition

Rather than link to the blog (superpowered fluff - I’m still not really sure what this is other than “could be OK for content writers”), here’s the YT vid from the newly-minted CV:

Those paid courses could come in useful soon - given that I saw some % stuff and blurb about statistics matching up with your perfick clear voice.

I mean, I’m already cringing at the idea of the free tests being of any slight matter with this…

More importantly, who will Fiverr acquire next week? It could be YOU!

More IPO prospectus padding. All that average users should really take from this, is that it is probably a good idea signing up to these platforms independently of Fiverr. I mean just imagine a future where Fiverr owns everything and decides it doesn’t like you.

That said, Fiverr has well and truly destroyed VeedMe which it acquired some time ago. VeedMe was a pretty nifty place to buy and sell high-quality videos. It had a great UI and was very polished. Now Fiverr has gutted the whole site. It is essentially now just a blog about video marketing and any links you click to sign up or buy a video whizz you directly to a Fiverr Pro application or Fiverr Pro list of video gigs.

Basically, Fiverr stripped down the VeedMe site to become just a crappy sales funnel for Pro. They didn’t even finish up adding proper content.

I guess the same could happen with Clear Voice. My guess, though, is that standalone brands like VeedMee and Clear Voice would actually turnover more profit by not being pulled into the Fiverr Pro fold. I mean their clients go to them because they are not Fiverr.

I see what you mean - I pretended to want to buy a video and sure enough, I found myself thinking, “Wow, this looks like…” and it was! There was also this. Perhaps they need CV to come and clean up the sprawling collectiong of funnel sites?

I hadn’t noticed this (I basically never go to VM), so this is an interesting point.

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Yeah, signed up to Veedme just after they made the acquisition and it was totally different. I’d go as far as to say it was a whole lot easier to find a video maker than with Pro. Now it’s just… Urgh.

One can only wonder what happened to the Veedme video makers and dev team?

Presumably $$$.

I use AndCo for time tracking for a client. It is the only free time tracker, so I can’t complain. However, from day-to-day the keep adding “premium” features.