And so Mass Censorship of Almost Anything Creative Begins


Well, while Brexit has been dominating EU headlines, the new EU copyright directive has started to come into force.

I regularly follow a few crypto news channels on Youtube. However, today one of my favourite channels has been restricted in the EU. Likely this is because the creator reviews the latest crypto news memes, in a similar way to Pewdipies popular Meme Review daily updates.

This is very alarming. Specifically, because it completely undermines ‘fair use’ which most modern content creators rely on to be able to create content.


Good news for VPN companies, though! It’s interesting to consider what the internet might look like in another decade. First they come for the memes…

Mind you, as it turns out, the US military (and government) is now devoting quite a significant chunk of its resources to "memetics’ and “memetic warfare” - I somehow doubt those memes will fall foul of such things. It’s basically the modern version of a picture tells 1,000 words - but the picture still has to be the right kind of picture for the right kind of people. Ditto videos, although this can be somewhat circumvented by using sites like Bitchute etc.

Just watch the next US election, it’ll make 2016 look like a walk in the park with all the memes and the fact that Biden is being set up for you know what by the DNC… a literal gift that I can’t see Trump ignoring.

Bit depressing really, especially if you remember the internet back in the 1990s and early 2000s when it was basically a thing geeky nerds did. Yes, it looked like ass, but it was a lot freer…

In any case, forget fair use when it comes to YT algorithms and controversial subjects.


Don’t think this is a new thing? I’ve often seen ‘video not available in your country’ or similar on YT videos and other websites.


It’s basically this. The ‘video not available in your country’ has really only ever been from corporations in my experience (e.g. C4 on YT always used to throw it up for me) along with controversial videos that violated a law or something in specific states among other things. A13 is quite a different beast!


I’ve already noticed how some memes seem to get generated and syndicated very quickly after major political events. Take the Halloween memes of May which arrived on the DM just a few minutes after last nights Brexit kerfuffle.

It’s very depressing. I actually think the Internet might eventually disappear and become just a big social media app. There are already a lot of people who just go online via FB. All very mad really.

It’s not new in that videos are often restricted by location. However, when that is the case, it is the uploader/video creator who imposes viewing restrictions. Moreover, the only people who really do this are TV networks.

In this case, it was Youtube who placed restrictions on the video, then denied they were there.