Advice to Young Men


Just go to the damned gym at 5 am every day. Lift weights. Do cardio. Or regret when you’re in your late 30s.

Going to the gym will

#1: Give you confidence
#2: Makes you look good and feel good
#3: Clears up the mind, gives you focus
#4: Boosts testosterone
#5: Gives you a chance in the dating game (If you’re in your 20s and unfit, no desirable young woman would give you a look.)

It’s a highly competitive world. You have to excel in many things to stand a chance - physically, academically, financially, professionally and socially. I wish I could get back to 18-19 with all the knowledge I have today. Youth is wasted on the young.

(Well, there’s only one young man here on this forum so far. So guess the advice is basically for him.)


What about advice for young women? This post is SEXIST!


What is good for the gander is good for the goose. :wink:

NEVER! I need my beauty sleep! :japanese_goblin:

I do not even turn on my computer until about 9 am and if I go to the gym I go before that. :relieved:

I do not need this. I already have to pluck my chin hairs! :zipper_mouth_face: I know TMI!

I thank my lucky :star2:s that I latched on to a man in my 20s as you suggested. See, I followed your advice before you were even born MR.VI.

I have often thought this!


Advice for Young Women

Do cardio, Yoga, aerobics, take care of your figure, learn to cook, find a good man, get married, raise healthy, well-behaved kids and stay away from all the feminist sh1t. Any traditional family woman or the much derided housewife or homemaker is a million times happier than any of those feminists who put their career and politics before family. Men protect and provide, women care and nurture - that’s how it’s been for the last 10,000 years of human history. 30-40 years from now, you’d be much better off with a grandson in your lap and visiting church or temple every Sunday than participating in a Women’s March along with other ageing cat ladies.

Make Aunt Vickie your role model and you will do fine.

Trust me, real men don’t care about your career, educational or professional accomplishments, or how much money you make. Men look for a reasonably beautiful young woman who can be a good wife and mother to their children. Keep your husband happy and you will be happy.

I’m sorry if what I said is politically incorrect, but it is the truth.


Aunt Vickie…

The advice is not for you.


Yeah, no thanks. I hate that advice.


Beast! This is why I couldn’t be a woman. The ever waging hormone war. Other tiny humans ripping their way out of you. Gravity.

I don’t know how you all survive it.


To be fair, gravity can affect a gentleman’s nether parts too.


Easily remedied with a cold shower or a blast of cold air. :slight_smile:

Edit: That said, I do tire of the constant hair war. It’s really not fun smearing your head in garlic and comfrey while liquidizing onions for breakfast. :frowning:


I did both. I had a career as a teacher, and I was a homemaker. However, I did put my family first. But, doing both was not easy. In the US it is hard to make ends meet on one paycheck.

Although I believe in women’s rights, I would not call myself a feminist in the sense that I speak out about it and take part in the latest march. And I do not agree that the traditional family woman is necessarily happier than a feminist. I say to each his own.

You may not know me as well as you think. :thinking:
But thanks for the compliment. :blush:

This is just a pile of :poop:. I read a book once earlier in my marriage and tried this. I soon found out my husband had married me for being myself not for being a doormat, which is what you are if you put someone else’s happiness before your own! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh investor, I do love you, but this is your truth; not everyone’s. :rofl:


Exactly. As did my mother. She was a banker, but put her family first.


See, I look at this thread and now have 2 models of how people should act, based on their sex. I’m going to ignore the whole new world of “pick your own self” just because it seems to have splintered into a million different things and is well confusing, but…

You can’t really put a global population of 7bn (or whatever it is now) into a 50:50 box based on what sex they were born. I’ve always been a tomboy, and I’ve never gravitated toward being particularly “ladylike” or even motherly for that matter. All that advice just feels wrong to me; I know I’d be unhappy doing all that.

So, I don’t. So have a lot of other women through history, although reports on their “happiness” don’t really come into it. Instead, we have a tract that reads much like this parody:

You can go back a long time in history and find plenty of matriarchal societies. I have no idea what kind of M:F advice they gave the young 'uns, and it would be pointless to really guess, but all you’ve put forward is a common model of society today, based on a practically global patriarchal society - some of which, such as your own nation - are more patriarchal than others. That’s not to say it’s right or wrong - but it’s hardly revolutionary advice, and incredibly tired at that.

My advice, to both sexes, would be : follow your own path and don’t listen to advice unless you seek it out and it resonates with you

Which brings me to a pertinent question: why are you posting this advice in the first place?

Feel free to get off to an article if you prefer, mind.


Oh, let’s have advice for hermaphrodites while we’re at it. They really are the third sex and have been throughout history. Or, in the case of Thailand and its ladyboys… or the prevalence of eunuchs in the Ottoman empire… I can go on.


In fairness, many visitors to Thailand do need advice concerning this matter. In reality, these people are nothing more than organized predators. Interestingly, most are also forced to apply their trade in the way they do. Of course, you will never hear of that. Rarely, after all, do you hear the word ‘exploitation’ uttered after that of ‘male.’

If I wasn’t banned from Thailand, I would write a huge expose on the Ladyboy Myth. Possibly I’d also expose Thailand as being the center of the world’s illegal elephant poaching business. The problem is, Thailand doesn’t like being exposed.


Why were you banned? :scream:


I wrote a book saying not nice things about the then Thai King (which is a criminal offense) and the Thai police. I have a different passport now and technically they shouldn’t be able to match author me to real me. I’m just not willing to take the chance.


Wow - well, at least you did something big with your life as opposed to me, for you can now brag about having been banned from Thailand! :smiley: I dare to say that’s a heck of an achievement! #hollywood_style

[edit: are you A.M.M.? :eyes: if so, you’re bigger than I envisioned; if not, you’re still big in my eyes]


Not really. Now I wish I hadn’t wrote the thing. And I want to go back. Try finding a dog friendly Asian country to retire in. - You won’t. For all its faults, there is only Thailand.