Admit it! You all have judged a book 📖 by its cover

Judging a :open_book: by its cover isn’t a new concept. We’ve all done it and sometimes there is merit to it.

We see a nicely mowed lawn, clean car, neat desk - automatically we assume that person must be clean & tidy. Most of the time it’s TRUE.

I still have people that assume I’m a great cook simply because of, well, you know. They don’t say it, but I kinda get the jest.

A tattered book tells me it’s well read, therefore must be good. A bad cover won’t even catch my eye. An exciting cover at least gets me to pick it up.

Well to make a long story short, I’m in the process of hiring some contractors for physical labor. Most that popped up were men and just one gal.

She got my attention because of the fact she has more VERIFIED REVIEWS. To top it off, she had a nice, friendly looking picture with a smile. I would feel safer having a girl in my house than a strange male.

Am I judging a book by its cover? Most of the men had awful pictures, no smile, unshaven, messy background, blurred pics, etc. Some pictures were just scary or creepy looking.

I guess with social media, we look for the person we feel most in common. I’m hiring the only girl in the list, because she has the best picture and best review.

Have you ever hired someone by their website, voice over the phone or picture?

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Nope. Word of mouth usually. :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here, especially if I’m going to be home alone waiting for them.

In other words, I’d call the same plumber/electrician who fixes stuff for my mother.


Unfortunately, I’m new in town and none of my friends or family know anyone here.

Its tricky. The verified reviews are really handy, though.

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Have you got a local Facebook page where you could ask for recommendations? We’ve got a few for round here, and they are very useful! Also if the recommended companies are on FB, you can check out their reviews etc. on their pages. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Me too!
Do you have a less critical or smaller job you could give her on a trial basis? Then you could judge the quality of her work.

From growing up in a farming/ranching community, I would say these kinds of pictures would be typical. I can not imagine my dad, brother, cousins, uncles, or father-in-law, giving a hoot about their pictures. They were too busy making a living to care about their pictures.

However, neither would any of them be posting their pictures on Social Media. We lived in a small town where everybody knew everybody, so everyone knew who was good at what.

But I would stay away from: