A story to be written by all of us!

Inspired by the “4 Words Story Time” thread on FF, the idea of this topic, as suggested by its title, is to create a story with the contribution of all of us.

Whether a sentence, a paragraph, or a whole page, all is welcome. Pages are blank waiting to be filled. No plot, no characters, no ambient. Each one of us will shape what doesn’t yet exist.

I’m sure a great story will come out of it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Please, let me open this book with its first two paragraphs, but if any of you would like to be the one opening it, just say so and I’ll erase mine. :slightly_smiling_face:


The warm dawn caught her sitting on the overhang of the rock with her feet waving in the air, and her gaze fixed on the horizon, desperately trying to look beyond the point where the sky meets the ocean.

The full moon had been her sole companion - not even the wind blowing from the north-east was there during the night. Only now that morning broke, is the soft breeze shrouding her and, as the weak fleeting rays of the rising sun begin to bathe her face, that deep-blue sea seems endless.


Quickly she realized, it was time to get back to reality. She suddenly jumped out of her bed and moved toward the laptop. In a hurry, she checked her messages, the spam was inevitable.

In the abyss of spam, she spotted a message which at first seemed like a real client request. Oh boy, she was wrong, the message was just one sentence in all-caps.

“Hello Madddam, I need ze work.”

Distressed, she rushed to rant with her friends on the MyBuzz Forum about this interesting message.


When she arrived at the forum, she looked around in despair, for there was no one to be seen. The forum was empty – no friends, no newbies, no one, just darkness and echos.


She left her seaside cottage and returned to the rock, and again stared at the watery horizon, wondering what was beyond it.

The dark of night had been replaced with the warmth of the summer sun, and she could feel its rays on her skin.

Feeling hungry, she walked away from the rock onto the esplanade which ran the length of the beach. The holiday makers were beginning to arrive, and like her, they were looking for somewhere to have breakfast.

But what to have?


She remembered a quaint little bistro just a short distance walk down the esplanade. Tucked between a produce market and an antique shop, she had many pleasant memories of the time she spent there.

Because when he had been here, they often met there for coffee. She always had a cappuccino and a blueberry scone while he liked an Americano, black with a warmed cinnamon roll slathered in butter.


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She ordered a cappuccino and blueberry scone. She then found a quiet corner in the bistro to enjoy her yummy dessert. Her mind drifted to the time, when they went on a romantic getaway to a little cottage in the woods. Next to a beautiful lake that sparkled like crystals. Sitting in front of a wood-burning fireplace, smelling his cologne. Holding hands as their lips were getting closer and closer… Her train of thought was interrupted. When suddenly, her smartphone was buzzing when she noticed a text from him…


She stood there staring at her phone while trying to hide her trembling hand from prying eyes. A complicit smile was drawn on her face and her heart pounded like it was about to come out of her chest.

His brown eyes and hair came back to her thoughts. She simply couldn’t get him out of her mind - he haunted her, and daydreaming had become part of her life.

Little did she know what was about to happen…


It was at that moment that the door to the bistro opened… and there he stood. Brown eyes. Brown hair. He was no longer in her memories. He was standing, right there, in the doorway, wearing…


…those ripped jeans he loved so much, and that funny shirt she bought for him the day before he left. It was a horrendous shirt, but that was something he never cared of - he had always felt proud wearing it.

Under the door frame, he looked taller than she remembered - he also seemed thinner. His hair was longer and a little less curled, and a five-day beard shyly covered his face.

She couldn’t believe her eyes! What was he doing here? They were supposed not to see each other again…

Quickly, and by instinct, her eyes seeked for his hands waiting to find one of those loving surprises to which he had accustomed her. But this time, those big and strong hands, difficult for her to forget, were empty.

Outside, children were playing and their joyful noise and fuss could be heard from across the street.


He walked towards her, rather cautiously. She could make out his sparkling eyes, but they looked rather sad. He had a sad smile. His lips moved as if to say something but then he looked down.

She wanted to rush to him, hold him, ask him what was wrong but she hesitated. It’s as if a force was holding her back and stopping her from reaching out to him. All she could squeak out was a weak, “Hello.”

He replied back with a soft, “Hi. I have to tell you something.”


Her heart sank.

She knew what it was about. Who it was about. Had to be about.


Their sweet, beloved little dog.

Was he sick, or injured, or was he…?


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She stood there frozen not knowing what would come out of his mouth next. She looked at Antonio with worry in her eyes. She said, “Antonio… Wha…Wha… What’s going on?”

“Is Billy OK?”

“Is your parents OK?”

Antonio looked Celeste in her pretty emerald green eyes and said, “Billy is doing fine, he had an appointment with the vet and everything looked good. Mamma & Papa is getting old but they are doing well. They are travelling for a month to America, the first stop is New York.”

“Celeste, I didn’t want to tell you this over the telephone. I wanted you to tell you this in person. While, we were apart I started seeing another girl. She told me she’s pregnant but I’m not sure it’s my kiddo. I didn’t want you to hear this from anybody else but me.”

“I’m Sorry, Celeste.”

“As soon as the baby arrives, we’ll take a DNA test to prove if I’m the father or not.”

Celeste began to sob and shake uncontrollably. :sob:

Celeste tried to say something, but she was choked up about what she had just heard…



Celeste was angry knowing that this woman could be carrying his baby…


After the drama had passed, they both began to laugh. They loved doing this naughty things, whenever possible, just for the pleasure of seeing the reaction of the people around them. Once again she had managed to take away his sadness. She always did, and that was one of the things he most loved about her.

Suddenly, his eyes started to look sad again, but she decided not to ask. There were too many people in the room, and this was serious - she said to herself, hurrying up her coffee.

Grabbing his hand, both left the bistro and walked down the street back to the esplanade, where no one would notice them.


Celeste and Antonio walked hand in hand as they wandered along the boardwalk and talked as if they had never been apart. She gave him time to get his thoughts together before she asked him why he seemed to be so somber.

When they got to the beach, they took their sandals off and continued to stroll as they chatted. Finally, Celeste turned to Antonio and said, “I have been visiting the beach where you set sail every day since you departed. I know you said you needed to get away and be alone to think things over. Now you return and seem so melancholy. I am concerned and fearful at the same time. Are you okay? Are things still the same between us?”


In silence, he kept staring at her. He had almost forgotten what it felt like to dive in those green eyes that could never hide what her soul really sheltered. They always betrayed her and were his best allies, letting him know, in advance, whenever she was sad or about to send him to hell.

And there, while submerged among the emeralds, the sound of the waves took him back to that cold morning when they last saw each other.

It was still dark when he went to the kitchen to make some coffee. He had been watching her sleep for the past two hours - it couldn’t have been any other way. From now on, he would only be left with what he could keep in his memory and his heart, and he didn’t want to waste even a minute.

He tried to make as little noise as possible not to wake her up, but as soon as he had started, she was already by his side tenderly hugging him from behind. He would have given anything for that moment to never end, but he didn’t want to put her on any more danger than she already was because of him.

While he was in the kitchen, she rushed to help him pack the few things that were left out.


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“I’ll be back for you. I promise,” he said, closing his eyes.

She knew he couldn’t keep that promise, but she didn’t want to worry him. “Open your eyes,” she choked back a tear. She felt a sharp knife piercing her heart.

He turned his head. He couldn’t look at her. He desperately wanted to say, “I love you,” instead he said abruptly, “I have to go.”

He tore away from her and rushed out the door. Each step felt heavier and heavier. He knew that when he first met her, they could never be together.

“I love you,” he muttered under his breath quietly as he started to run away. No one understood him like she did. When he tragically lost his entire family, she was the one he trusted to keep his secret.

She is the only one he ever trusted. A secret that can only put her in danger and perhaps even get her killed like his family. That thought had haunted him ever since.

He shook his head as if to erase those awful thoughts and remembered the happier times. For a short period, when he had a normal life with just her and pup that adopted them. He grinned thinking about a stray that followed them home.


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Celeste loved being in Antonio’s presence, even when no words were spoken between them.

His mind was lost in thought, but still he made her feel so safe, and so whole.

She’d fantasised about seeing him again since the moment he left, and now, he was finally here. Despite wishing the moment could last forever, Celeste knew it couldn’t. And, worse, it had to end… now.

Antonio wasn’t safe while he was back in town. Even on a quiet beach in the middle of nowhere, somebody could be watching them.

Antonio had to go back on the run, but first, Celeste needed to find out what was on his mind. Why was he so subdued? What had sucked the life out of a man who had previously been so full of it?

She took his hand, and started walking swiftly along the beach. He snapped out of his daydream and, like a lost puppy, followed her obediently.

She knew a place where they could talk. It wasn’t close, but if they hurried, they could make it before sunset. For one night, at least, they’d be safe…