A Meksell Thread, in case you miss 5r! 🤣😆


Does anyone have ideas on how I can increase awareness of this forum?

I want to get freelancers of all kinds, not just writers and proofreaders.

Every advice I read on google is the same tiresome, repetitive crap:

  • Be engaged
  • Create good topics,
  • etc.

Well, duh . . . :unamused:


Your biggest problem right now is the domain name. The My Buzz/Microblogs confusion is an SEO death trap.

I did search on Godaddy for Mybuzz like domain names and there were some. I’d say (if you are settled on it) incorporating My Buzz into the domain name is essential.

To get recognized after that… Yes. I do have a few ideas. It is also something which is on my mind, as I would really like to help this place get somewhere. :slight_smile:

I will have to get back to you, though. Right now I’m in a spiderweb of trying to manage my own online projects. Let it be known, though, that you have already succeeded in bringing one of yours to completion! I rarely get that far… As you might have noticed :wink:


I don’t know…I have this SEO friend from India, very successful and smart, but he lives like a king and is expensive. Why don’t you just ask Goofy for advice? He has made more than $100k offering advice to online business owners like yourself.


I did that too, but as expected, the popular extensions like .com & .net are already taken.

I like “MyBuzz” (My Business) but I’m open to changing it, if need be.

Holiday seasons are crazy busy for me but, perhaps at the beginning of next year. I can work on another domain name or a better header.

If anyone has a better idea between now and then, please let me know!! :slight_smile:


I think that we should come up with a funny tagline for the banner. If the black background stays, the color scheme is nice as it stands out a lot.


:+1: Yest! Any ideas? :smiley_cat:

I’m trying to figure out how to change the background to white but I have to come up with a new logo before I do that!


I found a spot where I can choose the background to be white or dark. I think in settings.

Found it, under Interface. The background turned white in my settings, but here it stayed dark. :thinking:


#freelance lives matter

Seriously. Freelancers don’t benefit from many of the perks of things like social security, despite most having to pay double rates. i.e In Europe, if you are self-employed you need to pay double SS contributions. However, this does not entitle you to sick pay, out of work benefit, or in many cases, even healthcare.

Then you have scammers and unanswerable to anyone freelance platforms. Not to mention the monopoly on payment processors. Today I withdrew $450 from an ATM and the Payoneer fees came to $40+.

I am sick of working in the most exploited, emotionally draining, and physically draining industry sector that there is.

We need change!


I pay on POS terminals with the card all the time. Because every time I need to withdraw from an ATM there are many fees (the ATM takes a fee, the standard 3% payoneer fee, conversion fee, plus $3.5), while on POS I pay just the standard payoneer 3% fee, and the conversion - that’s it.

NOTE: I think that actually the Fiverr revenue card doesn’t have the 3% fee. It’s just on my UpWork revenue card.


I have the Fiverr card and it should be banned. The fees aren’t the problem. The problem is the 2 x custom exchange rates Payonner adds to transactions.

Payoneer bases its accounts in Europe. You get paid in dollars, Payoneer holds funds as GBP, then when you withdraw, you get hit with a USD-GPB-EUR exchange fee which is easily 20% above standard market rates.

Today I had EUR 550 available to withdraw. (After calculating the echange rate myself.) I decided to withdraw 500 EUR because I know how crazy the Payoneer exchange rate is. This should have resulted in EUR 503.5 in total given Payoneers fees.

I get to the ATM, I try to withdraw 500, and I get told I have insufficient funds. I try again for 490. (Thinking the bar stewards can’t seriously be shaving 50+ EUR in off my balance in the name of their own insane exchange rate.) Sadly, this failed too.

By this time, I have just incurred 2 x $1 penalties with Payoneer for 2 failed transactions. I decide to withdraw 450 EUR to be safe and that works.

Using Payoneer for POS sales isn’t really practical for me. Also, this won’t avoid Payoneers massive exchange rate fiddle. You just won’t notice it as much.

Payoneer actually used to be decent until April this year. Now they have moved their base of operations from Belize to a cleverly set up network of offices/banks in the UK and Europe.

Also. Payoneer customer service is on a par with Fiverr. They decided to reissue me with a new card this year. (Despite my old card still being valid.) They informed me that they had already dispatched this card to my billing address. However, they hadn’t. They had dispatched this to the address I lived at when I initially signed up to Payoneer.

I had updated my billing address and contact details when I moved over a year ago. They should not have even had my old address in their system. Anyway, I contacted them to explain the situation. They responded with an automated response telling me that my application for a new card had been successful and my new card was on its way…. To my old address.

This nonsense happened 4 times. They ignored my address on file, they ignored proof of address documents I sent them. They just kept sending new cards to an address I hadn’t lived at for over a year.

By this time, I was running out of cash. I mean, I had just had my card canceled out of the blue and it can take 4-weeks for Payoneer to deliver to where I live. I was also reluctant to withdraw any more of my Fiverr earnings until the situation was put right.

Then just when I thought everything was going to be okay, I received a stern warning from Payoneer that my account was being suspended for security reasons. I had 24-hours to respond with my photo ID and proof of address details. - Yes, even though I had been volunteering this myself for over a month already.

That fiaso was then finally remedied. However. there are hundreds if not thousands of posts online, all detailing similar horror stories. - This is part of the reason I now withdraw everything I can, as soon as I can.


I had a situation with Payoneer, while I was in Poland this summer. They didn’t want to release the pre-authorization for my booking. I was like 4 days without much money.


Yeah, apparently there are a lot of complaints from Airbnb hosts and users who use Payoneer. A lot seem to have balances frozen or payments not get authorized.

When I started using Payoneer, I used to transfer my balance to Skrill. Sadly, they stopped allowing this in case funds you transfer get used for gambling or crypto buying purposes. - That’s their excuse but really they just don’t want you avoiding their fees. (I pay next to nothing with Skrill.) Also, who the hell is Payoneer to tell people what they can and can’t spend their own cash on?

I was going to link Payoneer to by bank. However, I met a girl at my old coworking space who had problems doing this.

This is why freelancers need more payment options across the board.


I use Payoneer as it’s actually the only available option here. Plus, there is one more thing which saves me a lot of money because I use Payoneer. I am sure that you would get it why.

I believe the old Fiverr card was from Belize (Choice Bank of Belize) earlier - just as you said. However, the UpWork one was issued by a UK bank even three years ago (when Fiverr was issuing Belize cards). Maybe, that’s why I have higher fees on that particular card.

Sorry for my English as I am super tired, and just got back from a pub… so…


Respected sir/mam unfortunately I am forget my security question can you please halp me? I contact CS, but they no response me. How iFixIt ? I am thank all exparts in advanced! :blush: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I made this post because there’s not much #haxor stuff like that :arrow_up: around here :rofl: (and 5r has it on a daily basis)

P.S. this is SO MUCH FUN to read out loud:


I am going to use this on some of my projects. :wink:


Update: Payoneer charges flat 3.5% fee, including the conversion fee. Tested, and calculated by me. Which is quite affordable, if I were to withdraw in USD the conversion rate would be around the same that I would be charged if I were to exchange my money in a bank. Of course, if I were to go in an (shady-er) exchange office bureau it would be just 1.5% in fees.

It’s funny that if i were to exchange Euros, the fees are just 1% in all banks. :slight_smile:


I just got a message and found this. This is new, isn’t it?

I approve.

This is the wrong post lol. I will repost on the right one…