A lesson on using the :hash:

If we were to use # on this forum, will it be indexed by google? As an example, if I were to add # to say crypto or litecoin, freelancer or author, etc. ???

One of you internet geniuses, help me out here, please!

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If it’s a public thread, it’ll get eventually indexed along with all the posts including any #buzzwords you’ve used, but I doubt those buzzwords will be treated/weighed differently than the rest of the thread’s other words. Definitely not a genius on #hashtags here, so I won’t be putting my hand on the grill for this one :eyes:

P.S. and as it appears, using # in a Discourse forum has a special role, namely that of referencing specific categories, like making the #conversations category a clickable word, so I’m now thinking about putting my hand on that grill after all :thinking: