A Gooey Love Poem 2 (From Anna to Andrew)


Part I: From Her to Him (Anna to Andrew)

This is from my upcoming book, “Her One True Love.”

Andrew, I must admit,
My love for you has never quit.
You have always been in my thoughts
And every person I see is you.

As I sit here staring at the stars,
I think of how proud you would have been
To see how our sons have grown
And become the men, you could have known

The children still ask for you,
They wonder where you are
And what you do
And why you left too.

I tell them you went on an adventure,
One far away that could take forever,
So you could find the perfect place,
That we could be a family again.

My heart breaks when reality strikes
And I think of that awful night
When I found out it was not alright
And you were gone.

I know we will meet up soon
In the place, when we shall go,
And we will reunite
And hug and cry.

Until that day, I always imagine
What life would be like
If you still were living,
What would the dynamic be?

As I search for answers in my mind,
I rewind the hands of time
And search the archives of my life
To the day I became your wife.

From there I picture everything,
Everything that was,
That would be,
That could have been.

I see us happy in a house,
Children running around like a mouse,
Wind blowing through the windows,
Us sitting on the couch exchanging glances.

As we stare into each other’s eyes,
I see the reflection of our lost life,
I see the joy of the one I imagine,
With fireworks in the background.

I see us playing silly games,
Running errands
And doing more of the same,
Sitting on the porch outside.

I see us taking trips abroad
To exotic locations
Near and far.
I see us making love.

Then the tears of reality
Wipe it all away
As a man that I do not love
Comes my way.

And as the children scurry in for dinner,
I excuse myself to collect my manners
And touch the wedding ring I keep close to my heart
And hope you feel the touch on your ring wherever you are.

Andrew, my love, I miss you so
That it hurts to the bone.
This you should know
And I will never ever let you go.