A Gooey Love Poem 1 (From Andrew to Anna)


Part I: From Him to Her (Andrew to Anna)

(Next, from Her to Him) This is from my upcoming book, “Her One True Love.”

As I stare at the stars above,
I wonder where is my love.
20 years have come and gone
And I cannot move on.

The life we had was perfect.
Where nothing could hurt us
And we felt safe and secure,
We left open all doors.

I stumbled upon a mistake
That took my life away
And forced me to become
Someone I do not know.

In all the time we have been apart,
I have known about where you are,
About our children,
About your movements.

Yet nothing can replace
Seeing the smile upon your face,
As my hands stroke through your hair
And I kiss your lips oh so near.

I miss you more than you could know,
I think of you every second though,
I imagine what life would be like,
If you were still by my side.

I envision adventures to the beach,
Picnics in the park,
Time spent at the zoo,
And bowling as a family too.

I see us laughing out loud,
Running around,
The sun shining down,
Casting a golden light upon your brow.

Angelic is the way you look,
Etched in time.
Looking so peaceful and divine,
Still mine.

Our wedding ring I do not take off,
In my heart and mind, we are not apart.
Oh, the things we would have done.
How I miss my special one.

As the stars above,
I have one thought, my love,
As I pine to hold you near,
I hope you are staring at the same stars.

And in that moment we are together,
Closer than ever,
With our hearts beating as one,
All the misery of this alternate life undone.

Anna, my love,
My white dove,
I will find my way back to you,
No matter what I have to do.

This is sooo beautiful!!

The first stanza so reminded me of my first love, and how I still think of her after so many years, wherever she might be or have ended up - I wish she had not taken the path she went on… I wish I could see her once more, but I know I won’t be able, not in this lifetime, but maybe in an alternate life :slightly_frowning_face:

Can’t wait to read her version! Maybe it’ll give me some sort of closure… :slight_smile: