5r Main Site Likes & Dislikes

With Fiverr Forum asking how to improve the community, I was thinking about what I like and disliked about the main site. Here are a few of them:

  1. As a buyer, I must admit that I really like the “You may also like” suggestions that are displayed in the gig page. I know sellers hate the fact 5r is displaying their competitors, but from my prospective, I’ve found a few really good sellers from it - giving me additional options. Which, I know, is exactly what you don’t want. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_frowning_face:

  2. I hate how the review system is set up. I don’t even bother looking at it any more. Unlike most sites everyone has 99.9% 5 stars with generic comment like “5 :star: thanks” It’s useless. It’s also annoying having to scroll thru pages of it.

  3. At the same time, I really like the fact that reviews are no longer pressured. Although, I’ve had some still asking. :grin: Weird, how once they know me, they feel comfortable enough to do that without fear.

  4. I don’t think any company can match Amazon’s superior customer support. That being said, it may not be fair for me to compare, however . . . Well, 4r CS is professional & friendly but it’s also really slow and most of the time you get generic canned response. I feel like Amazon cares about me as a customer, but 5r care only about profit and the bottom line.

Well, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.



Well, if you find me by looking at another seller’s gig, I don’t mind. :smiley_cat:

I’m not sure if they’ve rolled it out for everyone yet: when you look at the gig page and scroll down to reviews, you can choose to check them by the number of stars.


I don’t really have any issues with the site at the moment, tbh. One of my biggest bugbears for years was the complete lack of protection against chargebacks, but that has now been resolved.

I also have pretty fast CS support that is (mostly) not template copypasta and most of the time actually supports me in any given situation - however, that may be one of my perks. It’s a pretty sweet one, though.

There are also way too many beta tests going on. That’s fine, but I would like a page or something that lists whatever beta tests are ongoing with some brief description of what they are. Lots of questions on the Fiverr subreddit ask about something that ends up being related to this - and with no real documentation on them (and CS sometimes not being aware of them), it can make following the TOS very fuzzy at times.

There’s a beta test for that with ‘most relevant’ - I think it’s a beta test - the most verbiose review wins and goes to the top. Cue howls of outrage when that knobhead who went OTT in their hate with a 1-star review is now taking pride of place at the top of your reviews. Of course, there’s also this (which I can see):

See what I mean about too many beta tests? I bet it’s one of those overly-complex six sigma type business methodologies that only really expensive consultants understand - but actually translates as “throw :poop: at the wall, see what sticks, use that”. That’ll be $250,000, please. It took me 20 years of book-learning to tell you this in 2 seconds, so it’s a wise investment, sir.

The only thing they really have left to fix for me is not really listening to their users, or starting ‘let’s talk!’ style posts then going into the endless black hole of limbo. This last example could have easily been prevented by a NA employee not starting this change on the eve of a major holiday in NA. However, I expect that decision came from pressure elsewhere that has since lifted, so its importance has slid down to “who cares?” again.

They do seem to have a huge emphasis on this [communication] at HQ, so I can only imagine that this is just a byproduct of being a sprawling multinational corporation. Things change, very slowly…

IDK, I feel like Amazon’s CS really just boils down to here’s a refund, now plz go away to keep unhappy people happy. On a couple of occasions, I’ve had to write in about things that didn’t need a refund and was horrified when the refund was given and had to fight them to get whatever my actual issue was dealt with (not to mention trying to get the merchant reimbursed).

As another internet seller of trinkets and things, I’d much rather Fiverr’s CS didn’t just give out refunds like confetti. Fiverr’s arguably not that much better sometimes, based on the many one-sided complaints you see on the forum.

Overall, I’m a pretty happy bunny, but I am enjoying just about every perk the platform has, so I’m aware my experience may be atypical. Any real culture of change at Fiverr will not be introduced until new management is, though - and now they are on the NYSE, it really will be all about the bottom line and what Mr. I.N. Vestor reckons (not that one - nobody cares about his :poop:-flavored opinions).


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