3 Things I'm Gonna Do On Fiverr from December

  1. Raise my rates to $25 for an article of 500 words
  2. Cut delivery time from 29 days to 7 days
  3. Offer 2-day delivery for an extra $50.

May work, may not work. May succeed spectacularly, may fail spectacularly.

At this point in my life, I’m gonna have fun either way :grinning:

(But I don’t know, I just have this strong feeling that it’s going to succeed spectacularly. The only thing holding me back was the 29-day delivery time. That has to go.)


Since most of your buyers are regulars, you might want to warn them. Also, 2-day delivery at $50 is a bit steep. A lot of sellers offer 2-day delivery as standard. You need to ask yourself whether your clients need 2-day delivery. If they currently wait 29-days, it’s likely they don’t. Meanwhile, new buyers will see $75 as the price of a top quality article, not an average article delivered 5-days early.

Given the above, make sure to sweeten the deal by delivering top quality. For any article over $25, I deliver a Yoast SEO ready article complete with meta-descriptions, formatting instructions, and a guaranteed Flesch–Kincaid reading ease score. In short, make sure your buyers can see a tangible improvement in quality when asking them to part with more $$$'s.


Ha, I warned my regular buyers after increasing from $10 to $15, and I’ve lost quite a few :roll_eyes: I proved the upgraded value of my work (which is still undervalued), but they still thought it’s too much $ to pay :man_facepalming:

What bothered me the most were those awesome friendly regulars who became cold, rude and a bit cruel after a +$5 increase. I think I mentioned earlier that I hate people :eyes:

OH, yeah, and there are those who didn’t get the memo, ignored it or had forgotten about my notification, and wanted a refund after they had ordered the newly priced gig! I wonder if it was #revenge?


This bothers me too. I shed tons of regulars after raising my prices. Others became rude and manipulative. i.e. Instead of placing new orders, suddenly content I had delivered months ago was apparently poor quality. In this case, “can I trust that you will do the right thing and create a new article?” - Er… How about NO?

It also bothers me how aggressive some buyers can become out of what is basically stupidity. I had a regular buyer who was ordering cryptocurrency articles from me. He started asking for revisions because people in comment areas and on forums were quoting my articles and disagreeing with them. i.e. My buyer was annoyed that the content he was publishing was being visited, shared, and going viral.

(Everything I write is fact checked btw.)

In the end, he left and now seems to have some non-native, non-crypto educated person writing his site content. This means, no comments, few views, no third party forum discussions. AKA No ROI.


Wow, I heard that stupidity can hurt, but what you’ve described with that buyer must be sheer self-torture for him :smiley:


All I’ll say is be prepared for the huge leap in expectations.

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That I can handle. I have no doubt I’m one of the best content writers in the world and have helped people make money. One of my clients sold his website for $4 million. I’m the lead writer for one of the most popular online dating sites, believe it or not. I’m an expert on many things - overseas property, online lotteries, online casinos, sports betting, insurance, make money online etc. and have helped my clients make money. I specialize in what I call “FEAR/GREED/LOVE/BOREDOM” topics:


If I raise my prices on Fiverr, that could push away the regulars. They don’t mind paying $25 or even $75 per article, but these are serious internet entrepreneurs who require 20-30 articles every month.

Apart from the Fiverr business, I have a flourishing local Indian business, which is about 25% of my writing income. My rates are simple there - 500 Rupees for an article of 500 words (or $7). My most regular client, who is like my brother, got angry with me this month when I asked him to pay Fiverr rates of $10 per article or about 700 Rupees.

I was surprised because 1. He is rich and can afford it. 2. I thought we were brothers.

So I guess only money matters in the end.

But that’s okay.

Yeah. That is something I can do. A new gig, “I will write a 500-word Yoast SEO ready Article for $25.” I have considered that before. My regular gig will be for bulk orders and regulars, and this one will be targeted at new clients.

Where do you go to check the Yoast score? I send my new clients screenshots of the Copyscape results. Do you send a screenshot of the Yoast score? Where do you check that?

Finally, the mastermind behind ScroogeKink.com is revealed

I want to know more about this. Do you write dating articles for lonely hearts? Or are you a secret sleaze fiend?

I have the Yoast plugin on my website. Prior to delivering an article, I create it as a draft on my own site. Yoast then shows me the score and guides me through what needs to be done to get everything to green light status.

When I deliver, I screenshot the Yoast score and add advise clients to use Yoast themselves. (It’s free.) It’s a neat way to improve your writing actually.

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What if I don’t have a website of my own? Can I check on any other site?

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I’ve covered every possible niche and every possible angle. Even those you’ve probably never heard of. I’ve ghostwritten an online course run by a semi-famous pickup artist.


To be quite honest, if there is something I haven’t heard of, I probably don’t want to know. As for your pick up course, no wonder MGTOW and third wave feminism has become the phenomena that it is today.

It’s all on you Mr. Investor. You are subconsciously infusing every lonely heart in the world with “get rich, never marry, nobody matters but me.” All while they think they are getting killer dating advice.

I’m pretty sure you would have to set up a website. It isn’t complicated. A $50 investment will get you abasic Wordpress install with shared hosting. Otherwise, I suppose I could create you a login on my site. However, then you would have to promise to write me 1 x crypto news article a week for the trouble. :slight_smile: - Sorry, nothing in life is free. You taught me that. :wink:

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Actually when I write, I write from the perspective of the client.

Yeah, guess I can do that. Next month. After setting up the gig.

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This might explain why you come off as a bit frustrated at times. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I meant subconsciously. I can read home insurance articles back months after writing them, and get a sense for what the weather was like when I wrote them and what I had for dinner that evening. Moods, emotions, sensibilities. They all transfer. I can even tell how tall a person is by their writing style. (I put you at 5ft 6-7 inches).

All that said, you don’t seem to be one for humor or sarcasm these days. I shall leave you in peace.

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Frustrated because of the politics and the stock markets. Never because of writing. Writing gives me peace. It’s always fun for me, I love going deep into the world of other people and writing from their perspective. I love writing for different readers and giving them what they want. It’s not even about money for me, although I’ve never worked for free. After all these years you still don’t know me. Anyway I’m 5’ 8’’.

And I don’t have a particular writing style. I adapt. I can write in any style.

But yes, the way I write here, on this forum or on message boards is my natural style, angry, agressive, cocky, arrogant, show-offish, sometimes philosophical, sometimes funny, almost always acerbic. Anyway. Got an article to do before the deadline.

For current and future clients: I don’t use this “natural style” in my articles. I get paid for my articles, this is free. This is just me venting at the water cooler in between work. Otherwise, at work, I’m a total pro, no negativity there.

That’s why I never write any political articles, never on Indian politics. That’s when my natural style comes out. Once a nice client asked me to write 5 articles on Indian politics…he got scared by how angry and passionate and original and yet brilliant the articles were. Never heard from him again.


Generally speaking, this is what critics are meant to write about erm, writers, not about themselves. I’d also recommend trimming that down to three traits, possibly the least-threatening ones. Unless, of course, you aspire to be the next Richard Littlejohn?


Loafers and big hair don’t count.

You think the stock markets are bad? Look at crypto! It’s a bloodbath! Bitcoin miners are now looking for jobs in actual coal mines. And all because of one man and a world of insane people who can’t think but can only repeat the latest rubbish they read on Twitter.

One day, I’m going to crack under the weight of being the only self-aware person in a 50-mile radius and start throwing books at people. I have a friend who has never read a book. It is so sad.

You don’t say.

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Why don’t you add a gig for LinkedIn profile writing. You did a great job for me. Definitely you can charge $50 or more for the type of work that you did for me.


I don’t know man, it’s hard to do that sort of stuff. People have high expectations. For you, I could do a good job as I knew you very well. Very hard to do a LinkedIn profile for a complete stranger.


You also get the horror of people who can’t understand that they need to supply you with actual information concerning who they are and what they do.

I’ve had a few people place orders for Linked in and social media write-ups. They often want to sound great but have nothing great to say about themselves. - Then you get the anger. .


Hmm, I have a client that has me proof a lot of online casinos articles. :thinking: One was about gambling in India. However, most are written by sellers from other countries. I can tell because when I use the MS Word Thesaurus I get a message that says, “this feature is not available for the Ukraine” or some other country.

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