100% Free Hosting & Blogging for Freelancers - GRAB IT NOW!

It is the festive season. - Kind of. And I have stumbled upon what is possibly the most amazing free resource for freelancers (or anyone) looking to build their own blog.

I’ve signed up. I’ve invested finally in www.cyaxrex.com and although this blog is… Well, bare at present, I’ve done all of this in under an hour. The best part? I have lightning fast site load speeds and unlimited server storage. All I had to pay for was my domain name. Let me repeat again, this is FREE hosting without any catches. (You can also use a free domain name if you want and cut your investment down to zero).

OK - What’s the Catch?

Now, I am a bit of a hawk for scams but this really isn’t one. Two years ago now, a Medium - like platform called Steemit was created by a leading blockchain (cryptocurrency) developer called Dan Larimer. Steemit is completely free to sign up for and use. The only catch is that you may have to wait 48-hours for your account to be created. Also, passwords and login details are not retrievable if lost. Forget your login, and you can never again access your account.

To demonstrate what Steemit looks like, here’s a short story I posted a while ago:

Also, some might remember this from being posted on the F Forum originally.

Anyway, Steemit is a bit of a dead end in my opinion. Once you start using the platfom, you realize that many posts and articles are artificially given exposure by organized upvoting. Because of this, I put steemit on the backburner. Then today, everything changed.

The creators of Steemit have just launched a blogging platform powered by the Steemit network called, ‘Engrave.’ If you want you make use of this, you need an existing Steemit account, which like I said earlier is 100% free to set up.

Once you do have a Steemit account, you can sign in to Engrave automatically and start creating your own blog in a WordPress-like but scaled down backed. This means no fiddling with trying to set up Wordpress or Drupal. Instead, even someone with no website building experience can set up a blog in minutes.

There is no catch, it is all 100% free. To me, that’s pretty awesome. Engrave will also soon be allowing users to monetize blogs by selling ad space to other Engrave and Stemit users. The catch there is that they will take a 15% commission. Can’t really argue with that, though.

For a more comprehensive overview of engrave, see below:

As for why I think this is a killer resource for freelancers, the reason is simple. You get to set up your own blog, minus the expense, security concerns, and technical learning curve.

I already had www.cyaxrex.com parked on Godaddy. However, the shared hosting I have for my other blog is a bit of a nightmare and I was reluctant to invest in hosting again and go through all the faff of setting up a website. Now I just had all of that taken care of FOC.

I would honestly go so far as to say that this is the best freebie that I have ever stumbled upon in my life. If you haven’t got your own blog or website yet, jump into Steemit and Engrave and start making some magic happen!

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